Getting ready for your road test

Preparing for a road test should take some thoughtful consideration. It is a good idea to be well prepared and to have some idea of if you are ready to take the test.

We hope following tips will prepare you to pass your road test with flying colors.Brar driving school sign test

Have your taken your driving lessons?

Learning from an accredited Driving School/Instructor can make all the difference when it comes to being road test ready. A good instructor will teach you what you need to know to pass. There are a lot of details that you get marked on that your parent, friend or acquaintance may not know. Also, they may not have the best ability to teach the materials you need to know effectively. An accredited Driving Instructor has been trained specifically on how to properly teach you the skills and maneuvers so that you can better comprehend and understand the skills and maneuvers you need to know.

Are you comfortable with your car that you will be using for road test?

Hiring the Driving school and their car for the road test can be a beneficial thing to do. When you do this, you receive a warm up lesson just prior to the road test which will help you to have things freshly in your mind. Also, the fact that you are doing the test in the driving school car already tells the Examiner that you have taken lessons. The Examiner has the dual controls to use if he so needs and this may put him/her more at ease and could make them less likely to react hastily if something occurs while you are driving.

How much driving you have done for the test?

ICBC recommends 60 hours total driving time behind the wheel prior to taking your road test. You therefore cannot rely on lessons alone to pass. You must also have many hours of driving experience behind the wheel. The driving lessons you take will help give you the proper skills and knowledge you need to know, but then you need to actually take that knowledge and apply it on the roads. How many hours behind the wheel you need will vary from person to person. Some people need the full 60 hours while others may not need that much. Do keep in mind that you should shoot for the very least 40 hours total driving time beforehand in order to be best prepared to pass and drive safely on the roads once you have your license.

Go with positive mindset and clear the road test in first attempt

Road tests aren’t difficult to pass, provided your prepare well. You need to be at a place where you are doing all things correctly with a minimal margin for error. In other words, strive for that point where you are doing everything you need to do perfectly. If you shoot for perfect and then get a few marks off then there is a good probability you can pass your test. Otherwise, if you don’t shoot for an ‘A’ or almost perfect score, you lessen your odds at passing.

If you are taking lessons, ask your instructor to perform a simulated road test on you prior to your test. This will give you a good idea on your chances and/or what you might have done wrong on the actual test itself. You then can try to fix or improve on these areas prior to your road test. A good Instructor should be able to tell you what they feel your chances are of passing so be sure to consult with your Driving Instructor to get that feedback.

Lastly, remember to take a deep breath for your nerves. Mostly everyone gets very nervous prior to the test so if you take a nice deep breath prior to driving, it can help you a lot. You don’t want the reason why you didn’t pass to be because you were too nervous. Other than that, just try your best and remember that not everyone passes on the first try. If you don’t pass, it may be a good thing and just be that indicator that you are not ready to be driving alone on the roads yet without supervision and assistance.

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