Safe driving tips

Brar driving school surrey, team believe in guiding their students about basic safety rules. We believe that safety comes first.

Lets learn more :-

  • Absolutely never drink and drive.
  • You must know the traffic laws and driving practices that help traffic move safely.
  • Being a safe and responsible driver takes a combination of knowledge, skill and attitude.
  • Obey all signs and signals, including speed limits, traffic lights, stop signs and railway crossings.
  • If you drive with a wireless phone, avoid unnecessary calls and always make the driving task your top priority.
  • Rest stops are important. A break keeps the driver alert by promoting blood circulation, makes the trip more pleasant for passengers and lets the vehicle cool down.


  • Always be Courteous and try to avoid annoying other road users.
  • Always use your indicators even if you haven’t noticed anyone else around.
  • Be over cautious at curves.

Don’t s

  • Never¬† get too close to other Road users.
  • Never assume that other road users are going to do what you expect them to do.
  • Never get upset about the behavior of other road users, it can distract you and cause you to make poor driving decisions.